Design and development of an interface for the remote control of a DC motor

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Remote laboratories have been gaining popularity since their first appearance two decades ago as an alternative to hands on laboratories. They present numerous advantages for universities such as lower costs and flexibility, meanwhile, maintaining the benefits of dealing with real systems that virtual laboratories do not present. In this bachelor thesis, an interface to interact in remote with a DC motor, that can be used as a laboratory session was developed. A full stack application using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Python languages was implemented. The front end of the application is a web page with real time graphs and a video feed with low latency. The back end includes a web server that attends the requests from the user, via web sockets, and performs the control loop for the motor, as well as managing the camera. The hardware of the platform was selected after a detailed research, advantages and disadvantages of potential elements alternatives will be explained. The platform also incorporates designed and printed 3D pieces. The system was successfully identified using Python and MATLABs code and its response in velocity and position is simulated with Simulink Tool.
Remote laboratory, DC motor, Web server, PID controller
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