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Institutional Repository of Carlos III University of Madrid

e-Archivo, the Institutional Repository of Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, allows departments, institutes or research groups to deposit their publications in open access in accordance with the institution's open science principles and policies. This service, offered by the Library, helps to ensure that the university's research, particularly financed with public funds, can be shared for reuse by all citizens. e-Archivo aims to collect, archive and preserve the intellectual production of our university community in digital format, offering it in open access. The collection includes PhD thesis, journals published by UC3M, articles, books and chapters, working documents, preprints, conference proceedings, etc.

Regarding research data (datasets), this respository is complemented with e-cienciaDatos, a multidisciplinary data repository which hosts the scientific datasets of researchers from the public universities in the Autonomous Region of Madrid and the UNED, members of Consorcio Madroño.

If you are a faculty member and are interested in including your documents, please consult the Guide for Filing Documents or contact the e-Archivo Administration Team

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