High-velocity ice impact damage quantification in composite laminates using a frequency domain-based correlation approach

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This paper investigates the feasibility of using a novel domain-based correlation approach derived from the complex frequency domain assurance criterion (CFDAC) for the detection and quantification of impact damage in composite laminates. The CFDAC is essentially a complex-valued two-dimensional indicator of the covariance between two sets of frequency response functions for each pair of spectral lines corresponding to vibration-response of pristine and damage states. The study focuses on damage induced by high-velocity ice impacts on carbon fiber laminated plates. The experimental results demonstrate that the proposed methodology correctly identifies the level of induced damage via a user-independent scalar damage indicator. Therefore, this approach has potential use as a damage indicator, which could be adapted as a structural assessment non-destructive method. This research aims to contribute to the further development of functional, autonomous, and reliable structural health monitoring systems for composite structures based on spectral-domain indices.
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