System Orchestration Support for a Flow of Blended Collaborative Activities

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The introduction of portable devices in education opens up new possibilities for Computer Supported Collaborative Learning by providing advanced learning scenarios with activities in different spatial locations. However, organizing and structuring collaborative learning adaptive flows in these innovative scenarios represents also a workload for practitioners, which hinder the adoption of these technologies. As a step forward to alleviate this workload, this paper analyzes the limitations and bottlenecks detected in an actual collaborative blended learning experience carried out in a previous study and proposes a technological solution for solving them. The resulting solution is presented as a concept proof consisting of a Unit of Learning suitable to be instantiated with IMS Learning Design and complemented by a Generic Service Integration system. The paper also discusses to which extent the proposed solution covers the limitations detected in the previous study and how useful could be for reducing the orchestration effort in future experiences.
Proceedings of: 2nd International Conference on Intelligent Networking and Collaborative Systems (INCOS 2010): Second International Workshop on Adaptive Systems for Collaborative Learning (IWASCL-2010). Thessaloniki, Greece, 24‐26 November, 2010.
IMS Learning Design, Blended learning, CSCL, GSI, Service integration
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2nd International Conference on Intelligent Networking and Collaborative Systems (INCOS 2010), Thessaloniki, Greece, 24–26 November 2010. IEEE, 415-420.