Thermal stability of the grain structure in the W-2V and W-2V-0.5Y₂O₃ alloys produced by hot isostatic pressing.

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W-2V and ODS W-2V-0.5Y₂O₃ alloys have been produced following a powder metallurgy route consisting of mechanical alloying and a subsequent high isostatic pressing HIP at 1573 K. The grain microstructure and microhardness recovery of the alloys have been studied in samples subjected to isothermal treatments in vacuum in temperature range 1073–1973 K. Both alloys exhibit a duplex grain size distribution consisting of a submicron-sized grain and a coarse-grained population. It has been found that the Y₂O₃ addition inhibits growth of the coarse grains at T < 1973 K. Submicron grain growth, with activa-tion enthalpy of 1.9 and 2.49 eV for W-2V and W-2V-0.5Y₂O₃, respectively, was observed at T ≥ 1573 K. It resulted that the rate constant for grain growth is 30 times higher in W-2V-0.5Y₂O₃ than in W-2V. The considerable enhancement of the microhardness in the W-2V-0.5Y₂O₃ appears to be associated to dispersion strengthening.
Proceeding of: 27th Simposium on Fusion Technology (SOFT), took place 2012-09-24, in Liège (Bélgica).
W alloys, Grain growth, Recovery, Microhardness, Oxide dispersion strengthened W alloys
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Fusion Engineering and Design 88 (2013) 2636–2640