Seismic analysis of the zaouiat ait mellal twin tunnels of Agadir motorway (Morocco)

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Underground structures, such as tunnels, are vital for ensuring all kinds of transportation; and being buried under the surface makes them exposed to soil dynamics. Added to the moderate seismic activity in Morocco, the stability of tunnels is put to the test. This paper examines the interaction between the ZAM (Zaouit Ait Mellal ) twin tunnels between the cities of Marrakesh and Agadir, using the Difference Element Method provided by FLAC 2D software. The acceleration is introduced as the one related to the historic event of El centro 1940 with free-field boundary conditions in the numerical model, with three configurations: tunnel 1 without tunnel 2, tunnel 2 without tunnel 1 and tunnel 1 with tunnel 2. The results of the simulations indicate that the differences values of the maximum displacement, axial force and bending moment on structural elements are very noteworthy from the configuration of the tunnel (single) to the twin tunnels in order to prove the interaction between these latter under seismic loading.
Proceeding of: Seventh International Congress 'Water, Waste and Environment" (EDE7-2019), Salé, Morocco, November 20-22, 2019
Zam twin tunnels, Finite difference method, Seismic loading, Free filed boundary, Displacement, Axial force, Bending moment
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El Omari, A., et al. Seismic analysis of the zaouiat ait mellal twin tunnels of Agadir motorway (Morocco). In: E3S Web of Conferences: (issue: The Seventh International Congress "Water, Waste and Environment", EDE7-2019), vol. 150, Arcle ID 03001, Feb. 2020, Pp. 1-5