Plan de negocio: instaladora de productos domóticos low-cost

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Since I started university I have always been interested in the entrepreneurial world hence I was always trying to find ways to monetize my ideas. I thought I could combine my two passions into one only idea. These two were; automatic processes integrated in the household, also known as home automation, and business owning. Therefore, when I first knew about the possibility of doing this bachelor thesis I didn’t doubt a second and went all in. Prior to applying to the thesis I started to research about this home automation sector. During the process I noticed there wasn’t any enterprise aiming to the specific market niche I was thinking about. All of them were trying to capture high end customers but no one was thinking about the low/middle class population. They were left out. So I came up with the business idea this project is about: A home automation enterprise, aimed to low/middle class customers that will allow them to use technologies they haven’t got access to yet because of the high price of the current systems. In order to achieve this, the enterprise will use wireless home automation devices, much cheaper and easier to integrate. This enterprise will also have a web based tool that will help both, the customer and the enterprise. This tool will help the customer customize his whole installation and will reduce its cost. This way the enterprise will not need to do that work for the customer. Less working hours the enterprise put in equals less price for the end client. Now that I have introduced the basic idea and its foundation, I begin with the enterprise’s business plan.
Domótica, Creación de empresas
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