Ballistic performance of aramid composite combat helmet for protection against small projectiles

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This paper focuses on the ballistic performance of aramid composite combat helmet commonly worn by military and security corps, against small projectiles threat. We propose a numerical finite element model for aramid composite protections, considering a multi-layer architecture, able to predict its ballistic behaviour and damage extension. The aim is determining the minimum number of layers required for a correct protection against a given ballistic thread. The constitutive aramid behaviour has been calibrated by means of experimental tests with FSP (Fragment Simulate Projectiles) projectiles and steel spheres on aramid flat plates. Once calibrated, a predictive numerical model of the helmet against different small projectiles and impacted localisations was developed and compared with experimental tests performed in the real head protection. The results calculated for the absorbed impact energy by the helmet and the induced damage due to small projectiles at different impact location, are in good agreement with experimental results and postmortem helmet analysis, validating the proposed numerical model. The numerical model is thus validated for the design of optimized head protections based on aramid composite
Aramid Composite, Ballistic impact, Combat helmet, Damage extension, Experimental test, Numerical simulations
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Rubio, I., Rodríguez-Millán, M., Marco, M., Olmedo, A., Loya, J.A. (2019). Ballistic performance of aramid composite combat helmet for protection against small projectiles, Composite Structures, vol. 226, 111153