GEN4MAST: A Tool for the Evaluation of Real-Time Techniques Using a Supercomputer

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ISBN: 978-84-697-1736-3
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Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
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The constant development of new approaches in real-time systems makes it necessary to create tools or methods to perform their evaluations in an efficient way. It is not uncommon for these evaluations to be constrained by the processing power of current personal computers. Thus, it is still a challenging issue to know whether a specific technique could perform better than another one, or the improvement remains invariable in all circumstances. In this paper we present the GEN4MAST tool, which can take advantage of the performance of a supercomputer to execute longer evaluations that wouldn’t be possible in a common computer. GEN4MAST is built around the widely used MAST tool, automating the whole process of distributed systems generation, execution of the requested analysis or optimization techniques, and the processing of the results. GEN4MAST integrates several generation methods to create realistic workloads. We show that the different methods can have a great impact on the results of distributed systems.
REACTION 2014. 3rd International Workshop on Real-time and Distributed Computing in Emerging Applications. Rome, Italy. December 2nd, 2014.
Sistemas en tiempo real, Sistemas distribuidos, cloud computing, distributed systems, Real-time computing, Techniques validation, Real-time systems, Distributed systems, Supercomputer exploitation
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García Valls, M. et al. (eds.) (2014). 3rd IEEE International Workshop on Real-time and distributed computing in emerging applications. (Co-located with 35th IEEE RTSS). Rome, Italy. December 2nd, 2014. Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, 41-47.