Assessment of COVID-19's impact on EdTech: Case study on an educational platform, architecture and teachers' experience

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The education sector has been confronted with different challenges due to the situation caused by the pandemic, when families were asked to be confined at home as well as return when schools were opened. This lockdown situation presented both a challenge for the EdTech sector and for teachers and families. Consequently, this study analyzes the importance of online methodologies, usage of an educational resource example, and the impact of the lockdown. Thus, these objectives are assessed from different perspectives such as users' consumption, technical challenges of cloud architecture and experience from teachers who have used the platform during the lockdown. In this way, to understand the challenges of Cloud architecture, the structure of the Pre-COVID-19 platform and the changes implemented to adapt to the new needs are described. An increase in schools' subscriptions was observed when home lockdown was decreed, the differences in usage with the return to the classroom are also discussed. The research methodology entailed an assessment instrument developed for teachers. Teachers highlight the contents of Smile and Learn platform and their motivational characteristics for the students' learning. The assessment points out the limitations that many teachers face while using these resources.
This article belongs to the Special Issue Online and Distance Learning during Lockdown Times: COVID-19 Stories-Series 2.
Assessment, Covid-19, Digital material, Ed-Tech, Educational platform, ICT applied to education, Online learning, User experience
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Nieto-Márquez, N. L., Baldominos, A., Soilán, M. I., Dobón, E. M. C., & Arévalo, J. A. Z. (2022). Assessment of COVID-19’s Impact on EdTech: Case Study on an Educational Platform, Architecture and Teachers’ Experience. Education Sciences, 12(10), 681.