The role of the electrical vehicle in sustainable supply chains: a review

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Instituto Tecnológico de Costa Rica
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Environmental concerns, such as global warming and scarcity of natural resources, pressure companies to develop and adopt cleaner technologies and production processes. Besides, the search for sustainable development (as recommended by Agenda 2030 from the United Nations) has made companies rethink their whole supply chain, including transport activities. Besides, governments have been proposing public policies to obtain positive impacts in the economic, social and environmental dimensions. In this context, many studies have pointed out that electric mobility is a sustainable alternative to the transport sector and, in many EU countries, the government has bet on subsidies to attract manufacturers and customers to this market. Therefore, this paper aims to identify the role of electric vehicles (EV) in sustainable supply chains, considering the articles published in the Web of Science (WoS) database. We realize that there is a low quantity of papers dedicated to investigating the EV in this context. Many papers claim to perform sustainable analysis but do not evaluate the triple bottom line's three dimensions. Nevertheless, we identified that governments had developed policies to incentivize the introduction of electric vehicles in the market.
Proceedings of: III Ibero-American Conference on Smart Cities (ICSC-CITIES 2020)
Electric vehicle, Sustainability, Supply chain
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Amaro, F. H., Henrique, P., Alonso, M. & de Almeida, V. (2021). The role of the electrical vehicle in sustainable supply chains: a review. In: Proceedings of the III Ibero-American Conference on Smart Cities (ICSC-CITIES 2020). Instituto Tecnológico de Costa Rica, 9-11 noviembre 2020, pp. 398-406.