Sideslip angle estimator based on ANFIS for vehicle handling and stability

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Most of the existing ESC (Electronic stability control) systems rely on the measurement of both yaw rate and sideslip angle. However, one of the main issues is that the sideslip angle cannot be measured directly because the sensors are too expensive. For this reason, sideslip angle estimation has been widely discussed in literature. The modeling of sideslip angle is complex due to the non-linear dynamics of the vehicle. This work proposes a new methodology based on ANFIS to estimate the vehicle sideslip angle. The estimator has been validated by comparing the proposed ANFIS prediction model with the values provided by CARSIM model, which is an experimentally validated software. The advantage of this estimation is the modeling of the non-linear dynamics of the vehicle by means of signals which are directly measured from vehicle sensors. The results show the effectiveness of the proposed ANFIS-based sideslip angle estimator.
Neuro-fuzzy, systemsVehicle, stabilityVehicle, handlingSideslip, estimation
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Boada, B.L., Boada, M.J.L., Gauchía, A. et al. Sideslip angle estimator based on ANFIS for vehicle handling and stability. Journal of Mechanical Science and Technology (2015) 29: 4, 1473-1481.