High mass loading additive-free LiFePO[subíndice 4] cathodes with 500 μm thickness for high areal capacity Li-ion batteries

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We report the preparation of thick ceramic electrodes of the olivine LiFePO4 (LFP) with high mass loading. These electrodes are preparated by means of Powder Extrusion Moulding (PEM), which is a technology easily scalable and cheap. These LFP cathodes are additive-free (neither binder nor extra carbon black) with ~0.5 mm thickness, allowing to develop very high areal capacity (13.7 mA h cm−2). By means of a strict control of sintering process, the carbon coating of the commercial LFP powder remains and the decomposition of the active material is prevented. The optimized self-supported LFP cathode presents good cyclability over 20 cycles at C/10 with no capacity loss. The good electrochemical performance of these novel LFP thick electrodes and their non-flammability make them interesting candidates for both mobile and stationary applications.
Thick electrode, Binder-free, Solvent-free, Areal capacity, High mass loading
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Journal of Power Sources, (2020), v. 458, 228033.