An exploratory analysis of the implementation and use of an intelligent platform for learning in primary education

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Smile and Learn is an intelligent platform with more than 4500 educational activities for children aged 3-12. The digital material developed covers all courses of primary education and most of the subjects with the different topic-related worlds with activities in the field of logics and mathematics, science, linguistics and tales, visual-spatial and cognitive skills, emotional intelligence, arts, and multiplayer games. This kind of material supports active learning and new pedagogical models for teachers to use in their lessons. The purpose of this paper is to explore the usage of the platform in three pilot groups schools from different regions of Spain, outlining future directions in the design of such digital materials. Usage is assessed via descriptive analysis and variance analysis, with data collected from users interacting with the intelligent platform. The results show a high use of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) activities among all the activities that could be chosen. Cross-curricular activities are also used. Continuation in the development of such materials is concluded necessary, focusing integration of different fields, accentuating games over quizzes, and the value of teacher training for improving their use in schools.
Digital material, Educational data, Educational technologies, Intelligent platform, Primary education, User experience research (uxr)
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Nieto-Márquez, N. L., Baldominos, A., Martínez, A., & Pérez Nieto, M. Á. (2020). An Exploratory Analysis of the Implementation and Use of an Intelligent Platform for Learning in Primary Education. Applied Sciences, 10(3), 983.