Event-triggering H∞-based observer combined with NN for simultaneous estimation of vehicle sideslip and roll angles with network-induced delays

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Nowadays, vehicles are being fitted with systems that improve their maneuverability, stability, and comfort in order to reduce the number of accidents. Improving these aspects is of particular interest thanks to the incorporation of autonomous vehicles onto the roads. The knowledge of vehicle sideslip and roll angles, which are among the main causes of road accidents, is necessary for a proper design of a lateral stability and roll-over controller system. The problem is that these two variables cannot be measured directly through sensors installed in current series production vehicles due to their high costs. For this reason, their estimation is fundamental. In addition, there is a time delay in the relaying of information between the different vehicle systems, such as, sensors, actuators and controllers, among others. This paper presents the design of an H∞-based observer that simultaneously estimates both the sideslip angle and the roll angle of a vehicle for a networked control system, with networked transmission delay based on an event-triggered communication scheme combined with neural networks (NN). To deal with the vehicle nonlinearities, NN and linear-parameter-varying techniques are considered alongside uncertainties in parameters. Both simulation and experimental results are carried out to prove the performance of observer design.
Nonlinear vehicle dynamics, Estimation, Event-triggered, Neural network, LPV, Model parameter uncertainty
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Nonlinear dynamics, vol. 103, Feb. 2021, Pp. 2733-2752