On the characterization and modelling of high-performance para-aramid fabrics

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In this work, seven different types of fabrics based on para-aramid yarns with different interlacing geometries and reinforcement polymer matrix have been characterised and compared from yarn level to weave level. Mechanical properties such as maximum stress, failure strain, and elastic modulus have been obtained from uniaxial tensile tests, while the inter-yarn friction coefficients (static and kinetic) have been obtained by a combination of single yarn pull-out tests and an analytical model. Results show that mechanical properties are quite similar at yarn level but different at fabric level. Thus, the geometry, orientation and section of the yarn play an important role in the mechanical properties of the fabric. As an application of these results, a mesoscopic three-dimensional numerical model has been developed, and simulations of ballistic impact test have been carried out validating the model with experimental tests.
Fabric, Aramid Fibre, Yarn Pull-Out, Mechanical Testing, Impact, Numerical Model, Yarn Pull-Out, Ballistic Impact Energy, Woven Fabrics, Friction, Behavior, Strength, Mechanism, Single
Bibliographic citation
Moure, M.M., Feito, N., Aranda-Ruiz, J., Loya, J.A. y Rodríguez-Millán, M. (2019). On the characterization and modelling of high-performance para-aramid fabrics. Composite Structures, 212, pp. 326-337