Online communication in a rehabilitation setting: Experiences of patients with chronic conditions using a web portal in Denmark

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International Association for Communication in Healthcare (EACH) and the Academy of Communication in Healthcare (ACH)
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Objective: To gain insight into the experiences of patients with long-term conditions enrolled in an online rehabilitation programme using a web portal. Methods: Danish outpatients were recruited from a rehabilitation department and were granted access to a web portal which included an online rehabilitation programme with key information, clinical advice, and self-management activities. After two weeks, patients were invited to participate in focus groups. A topic guide was used to explore this new online rehabilitation programme in relation to participants' experiences. Results: Fourteen participants, ranging from 42 to 72 years old, were allocated into three focus groups. Participants mainly reported negative experiences by the following four themes: "patients" "experiences", "technical aspects", "areas for improvement", and "digitalization added value". Conclusion: Participants mainly reported negative experiences and suggested combining both face-to-face consultations with online care by user-friendly web portals. This will ensure a positive contribution from digital communication tools to rehabilitation. Practice implications: Patients' experiences should be considered in the design of web portals in rehabilitation which could help healthcare organizations when developing online rehabilitation programmes.
Communication, Web portal, Patient's experiences, Ehealth, Rehabilitation
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Patient Education and Counseling. N. 100 (2017), pp. 2283-2289