Iso-m based adaptive fractional order control with application to a soft robotic neck

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This article proposes an adaptive fractional feedback control using recursive least squares algorithm for plant identification and a recent real-time method (iso-m) for fractional controller tuning. The combination of both methods allows keeping the same original performance specifications invariant, combining adaptability and robustness in a single scheme. Thanks to the robust controller, the system performance is maintained around a specified operating point, and due to the adaptive scheme, this operating point is adjusted depending on plant changes. Extensive experimentation of the proposal is carried out in a real platform with non-linear time varying properties, a soft robotic neck made of 3D printer soft materials. The experiments proposed consist in the neck inclination control using tilt sensors installed on the tip. According to expectations, an invariant performance despite plant parameter changes was observed throughout the experiments. The good results obtained in the proposed test platform suggest that the benefits of this control scheme are suitable for other nonlinear time varying applications.
Adaptive control, Fractional robust control, Bio-inspired neck, Soft robotics
Bibliographic citation
Munoz, J., Copaci, D. S., Monje, C. A., Blanco, D. & Balaguer, C. (2020). Iso-m Based Adaptive Fractional Order Control With Application to a Soft Robotic Neck. IEEE Access, 8, 198964–198976.