Impact response of repaired sandwich structures

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The low-velocity impact behavior of repaired sandwich structures with woven carbon/epoxy face-sheets and Nomex honeycomb core is studied experimentally. First, sandwich plates were subjected to ballistic impacts; the damaged area was removed, filled by nano-enhanced resin and covered by a double-external patch. Afterwards, the repaired sandwich plates were impacted at low-velocity. Peak load and absorbed energy were determined for several impact energies and compared with results for non-repaired (intact) sandwich plates. For all impact energies tested, repaired specimens show higher peak load and lower absorbed energy than the intact ones. Additionally, tested sandwich plates were cut transversally in order to observe the resulting damage, concluding that is different in both configurations, and confirming that it is initiated at higher impact energies in repaired structures.
Composites, Impact resistance, Damage zone
Bibliographic citation
Ivañez, I., Sánchez‐Saez, S., Garcia‐Castillo, S. K., Barbero, E., Amaro, A. M. & Reis, P. N. B. (2020). Impact response of repaired sandwich structures. Polymer Composites, 41(8), 3014–3022.