Body x Materials: A workshop exploring the role of material-enabled body-based multisensory experiences

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Association For Computing Machinery (ACM)
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Over the last 15 years, HCI and Interaction Design have experienced a 'material turn'characterized by a growing interest in the materiality of technology and computation, and in methods that support exploring, envisioning, and crafting with and through materials. The community has experienced a similar turn focused on the body, on how to best design for and from a first-person, lived experience, and the moving and sensual body. In this workshop, we focus on the intersection of these two turns. The emerging developments in multimodal interfaces open opportunities to bring in materiality to the digital world as well as to transform the materiality of objects and bodies in the real-world, including the materiality of our own bodies. The different sensory qualities of (touchable and untouchable, physical and digital) objects and bodies, including our own, can be brought into the design of digital technologies to enrich, augment, and transform embodied experiences. In this 'materials revolution'[15], what are the current theories, approaches, methods, and tools that emphasize the critical role of materiality to body-based interactions with technology? To explore this, in this workshop we will focus on five related themes: material enabling expression, material as a catalyst for human action, material enabling reflection and awareness, material enabling transformation and material supporting the design process for the re-creation of the existing and the yet-to-exist. This workshop with technology presentations, panel sessions with experts, and multidisciplinary discussions will: (i) bring together researchers who work on (re)creating sensory properties of materials through technology with those who investigate experiential effects of materials and material-enabled interactions, (ii) discuss methods, opportunities, difficulties in designing materiality and material-enabled interactions, and (iii) form a multidisciplinary community to build synergies and collaborations.
Proceedings of: 2023 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, 19 april 2023, Hamburg, Germany
Body Perception, Embodied Experience, Embodied Interaction, Materiality, Multisensory Interaction
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Petreca, B. B., Tajadura-Jiménez, A., Turmo Vidal, L., Nascimento, R. O., Seifi, H., Ley-Flores, J., Singh, A., Berthouze, N., Obrist, M., & Baurley, S. (2023). Body x Materials: A workshop exploring the role of material-enabled body-based multisensory experiences. Extended Abstracts of the 2023 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems. Canada: Association For Computing Machinery. Pp. 1-7