Developing a robot-guided interactive simon game for physical and cognitive training

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Enveloping cognitive or physical rehabilitation into a game highly increases the patients' commitment with their treatment. Specially with children, keeping them motivated is a very time-consuming work, so therapists are demanding tools to help them with this task. NAOTherapist is a generic robotic architecture that uses Automated Planning techniques to autonomously drive noncontact upper-limb rehabilitation sessions for children with a humanoid NAO robot. Our aim is to develop more robotic games for this platform to enrich its variability and possibilities of interaction. The goal of this work is to present our first attempt to develop a different, more complex game that reuses the previous architecture. We contribute with the design description of a novel robotic Simon game that employs upper-limb poses instead of colors and could qualify as a cognitive and physical training. Statistics of evaluation tests with 14 adults and 56 children are displayed and the outcomes are analyzed in terms of human-robot interaction (HRI) quality. The results demonstrate the application-domain generalization capabilities of the NAOTherapist architecture and give an insight to further analyze the therapeutic benefits of the new developed Simon game.
Human-robot interaction, Automated planning, Interactive games, Cognitive robotics, Robotic therapy
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Turp, M., González, J.C., Pulido, J.C., Fernández, Fernando. (2019). Developing a robot-guided interactive simon game for physical and cognitive training. International Journal of Humanoid Robotics, 16(No. 01)