Practical Use of Robot Manipulators as Intelligent Manufacturing Systems

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This paper presents features and advanced settings for a robot manipulator controller in a fully interconnected intelligent manufacturing system. Every system is made up of different agents. As also occurs in the Internet of Things and smart cities, the big issue here is to ensure not only that implementation is key, but also that there is better common understanding among the main players. The commitment of all agents is still required to translate that understanding into practice in Industry 4.0. Mutual interactions such as machine-to-machine and man-to-machine are solved in real time with cyber physical capabilities. This paper explores intelligent manufacturing through the context of industrial robot manipulators within a Smart Factory. An online communication algorithm with proven intelligent manufacturing abilities is proposed to solve real-time interactions. The algorithm is developed to manage and control all robot parameters in real-time. The proposed tool in conjunction with the intelligent manufacturing core incorporates data from the robot manipulators into the industrial big data to manage the factory. The novelty is a communication tool that implements the Industry 4.0 standards to allow communications among the required entities in the complete system. It is achieved by the developed tool and implemented in a real robot and simulation.
Industrial internet, Intelligent manufacturing, Industry 4.0, Toolbox, Smart factory, Multi-physical systems, Big data, Intelligent manufacturing core (IMC)
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Alhama Blanco, P.J., Abu-Dakka, F.J., Abderrahim, M. (2018). Practical Use of Robot Manipulators as Intelligent Manufacturing Systems. Sensors, 18 (9), 2877.