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  • Publication
    Choosing the lesser evil : understanding decision making in humanitarian aid NGOs [book review]
    (Cornell University, The Johnson School, 2008-06) Núñez-Nickel, Manuel
  • Publication
    Governance : an international perspective [book review]
    (Taylor & Francis, 2006-09) García-Lara, Juan M.
    Governance: An International Perspective is a two-volume collection of articles published in academic journals, and is part of a series called ‘Corporate Governance in the New Economy’, comprising seven other books about several aspects of governance: Auditing, Ownership, Life Cycle of Corporate Governance, Political and Legal Perspectives of Corporate Governance, Governance & Expropriation, Governance in the Public Sector, and Directors & Boards. As other collections of articles, the book is oriented mainly towards academics, although it could also be of interest to students of accounting, finance, business or economics, and also to practitioners