Improvement in the Gain of UWB Antenna for GPR Applications by Using Frequency-Selective Surface

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In this article, high-gain ultra-wideband (UWB) monopole antenna is presented. e UWB monopole antenna is a semicircular- shaped antenna with a semicircular slot at the top side. e bottom plane consists of partial ground with triangular and rectangular slotted structures to improve the impedance bandwidth of the proposed antenna. In order to enhance gain, a 6 × 6 metallic reector (FSS) is placed below the antenna. e performance of the oered design is validated experimentally. e simulated results show resemblance with the measured results. e antenna resonates for the UWB ranging from 3 to 11 GHz. Moreover, the integration of FSS improves the average gain by 4 dB, where peak gain obtained is 8.3 dB across the UWB. In addition, the reported unit cell having dimension of 0.11lambda × 0.11lambda gives wide bandwidth (7.2 GHz) from 3.3 GHz to 10.5 GHz. e performance of the proposed antenna determines its suitability for the modern day wireless UWB and GPR applications.
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