The 2022 Plasma Roadmap: low temperature plasma science and technology

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The 2022 Roadmap is the next update in the series of Plasma Roadmaps published by Journal of Physics D with the intent to identify important outstanding challenges in the field of low-temperature plasma (LTP) physics and technology. The format of the Roadmap is the same as the previous Roadmaps representing the visions of 41 leading experts representing 21 countries and five continents in the various sub-fields of LTP science and technology. In recognition of the evolution in the field, several new topics have been introduced or given more prominence. These new topics and emphasis highlight increased interests in plasma-enabled additive manufacturing, soft materials, electrification of chemical conversions, plasma propulsion, extreme plasma regimes, plasmas in hypersonics and data-driven plasma science.
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Low temperature plasma, Roadmap, Plasma science and technology, Plasma diagnostics, Plasma modeling, Plasma material processing, Plasma applications
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Adamovich, I., Agarwal, S., Ahedo, E., Alves, L. L., Baalrud, S., Babaeva, N., Bogaerts, A., Bourdon, A., Bruggeman, P. J., Canal, C., Choi, E. H., Coulombe, S., Donkó, Z., Graves, D. B., Hamaguchi, S., Hegemann, D., Hori, M., Kim, H. H., Kroesen, G. M. W., . . . von Woedtke, T. (2022). The 2022 Plasma Roadmap: low temperature plasma science and technology. Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics, 55(37), 373001.