La₂O₃-reinforced W and W-V alloys produced by hot isostatic pressing

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W and W–V alloys reinforced with La₂O₃ particles have been produced by MA and subsequent HIP at 1573 K and 195 MPa. The microstructure of the consolidated alloys has been characterized by scanning electron microscopy, energy dispersive spectroscopy analyses and X-ray diffraction. The mechanical properties were studied by nanoindentation measurements. The results show that practically full dense billets of W–V, W–V–La₂O₃ and W–La₂O₃ alloys can be produced. The microstructure analysis has shown that islands of V are present in W–V and W–V–1La₂O₃ alloys. In W–1La₂O₃ islands of La₂O₃ are also present. The nanohardness of the W matrix increases with the addition of V, while decreases with the addition of La₂O₃.
Proceedings of : 14th International Conference on Fusion Reactor Materials (ICFRM-14), 6-11 september, 2009. Sapporo Convention Center Sapporo, Japan.
Plasma-facing components, Mechanical-properties, Tungsten, Fabrication, HIP
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Journal of Nuclear Materials 417 (2011) 1-3, pp.508–511