Web news mining in an evolving framework

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Online news has become one of the major channels for Internet users to get news. News websites are daily overwhelmed with plenty of news articles. Huge amounts of online news articles are generated and updated everyday, and the processing and analysis of this large corpus of data is an important challenge. This challenge needs to be tackled by using big data techniques which process large volume of data within limited run times. Also, since we are heading into a social-media data explosion, techniques such as text mining or social network analysis need to be seriously taken into consideration. In this work we focus on one of the most common daily activities: web news reading. News websites produce thousands of articles covering a wide spectrum of topics or categories which can be considered as a big data problem. In order to extract useful information, these news articles need to be processed by using big data techniques. In this context, we present an approach for classifying huge amounts of different news articles into various categories (topic areas) based on the text content of the articles. Since these categories are constantly updated with new articles, our approach is based on Evolving Fuzzy Systems (EFS). The EFS can update in real time the model that describes a category according to the changes in the content of the corresponding articles. The novelty of the proposed system relies in the treatment of the web news articles to be used by these systems and the implementation and adjustment of them for this task. Our proposal not only classifies news articles, but it also creates human interpretable models of the different categories. This approach has been successfully tested using real on-line news. (C) 2015 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.
big data, text, identification, extraction, streams
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Iglesias, J.A., Tiemblo, A. Ledezma, A. Sanchís, A. (2016). Web news mining in an evolving framework. Information Fusion, 28, pp. 90-98.