Simultaneous RIS tuning and differential data transmission for MISO OFDM wireless systems

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The Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces (RIS) constitute one of the prominent technologies for the next generation of wireless communications. They are mainly envisioned to efficiently enhance the signal coverage in cases where the direct communication link is weak or obstructed. Recently, beam training based on codebook selection has been proposed as a low-latency means for tuning the RIS phase profile according to a desired performance metric. However, it requires the transmission of reference signals to measure the performance with different RIS phase configurations available in the codebook, which reduces the spectral efficiency. In this paper, we consider the uplink of a Multiple-Input Signal-Output (MISO) communication system with Orthogonal Frequency-Division Multiplexing (OFDM) and present a novel scheme for simultaneous RIS phase configuration and data transmission. The proposed scheme is based on non-coherent differential modulation, which is deployed both in the beam training and the data transmission phases. In the former phase, it also enables energy measurement for the determination of the best RIS phase profile. Then, in the latter phase, a higher throughput can be established through the high gain reflective link. Our numerical results showcase that our proposal can double the system throughput with lower complexity, as compared to the generic state-of-the-art approach.
Proceedings of IEEE GLOBECOM 2022: IEEE Global Communications Conference, 4-8 December 2022, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Beam training, Differential modulation, Noncoherent communications, Reconfigurable intelligent surfaces
Bibliographic citation
Chen-Hu, K., Alexandropoulos, G. C. & García Armada, A. (4-8 December 2022). Simultaneous RIS Tuning and Differential Data Transmission for MISO OFDM Wireless Systems [proceedings]. GLOBECOM 2022 - 2022 IEEE Global Communications Conference, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.