Standing-Wave Feeding for High-Gain Linear Dielectric Resonator Antenna (DRA) Array

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A novel feeding method for linear DRA arrays is presented, illuminating the use of the power divider, transitions, and launchers, and keeping uniform excitation to array elements. This results in a high-gain DRA array with low losses with a design that is simple, compact and inexpensive. The proposed feeding method is based on exciting standing waves using discrete metallic patches in a simple design procedure. Two arrays with two and four DRA elements are presented as a proof of concept, which provide high gains of 12 and 15 dBi, respectively, which are close to the theoretical limit based on array theory. The radiation efficiency for both arrays is about 93%, which is equal to the array element efficiency, confirming that the feeding method does not add losses as in the case of standard methods. To facilitate the fabrication process, the entire array structure is 3D-printed, which significantly decreases the complexity of fabrication and alignment. Compared to state-of-the-art feeding techniques, the proposed method provides higher gain and higher efficiency with a smaller electrical size.
Antenna array feeds, Dielectric resonator antenna (dra), Linear antenna arrays, Standing, Wave, High-gain antennas, High radiation efficiency, 3d printing
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Abdalmalak, K. A., Althuwayb, A. A., Lee, C. S., Botello, G. S., Falcón-Gómez, E., García-Castillo, L. E., & García-Muñoz, L. E. (2022). Standing-Wave Feeding for High-Gain Linear Dielectric Resonator Antenna (DRA) Array. In Sensors, 22(8), 3089-3104