Digital transformation in organizational health and safety to mitigate Burnout Syndrome

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In 2000, the World Health Organization (WHO) identified Burnout Syndrome as an occupational risk factor, affecting an estimated 10% of workers, resulting in lost productivity and increased costs due to sick leave. Some claim that Burnout Syndrome has reached epidemic proportions in workplaces around the world. While signs of burnout are not difficult to identify and palliate, its real impact is not easy to measure, generating a number of risks for companies from possible loss of human talent to decreased productivity and diminished quality of life. Given the complexity of Burnout Syndrome, it must be addressed in a creative, innovative and systematic way; traditional approaches cannot be expected to deliver different results. This paper describes the experience where an innovation challenge was launched to collect creative ideas to identify, prevent or mitigate Burnout Syndrome through the use of technological tools and software. The challenge was endowed with an economic award and its guidelines stated that the proposals must be both creative and feasible from an economic and organizational point of view. A total of twelve creative projects were submitted, including each of them, the analysis, design and management plans, to envision an idea that is feasible and with the appropriate budget, implemented. In this paper, we present a summary of these creative projects and how the IRSST (Instituto Regional de Seguridad y Salud en el Trabajo) experts and leaders in OHS in the Madrid Region (Spain) envision their potential impact on improving the OHS landscape.
burnout syndorme mitigation, digital ohs, smart-ohs, occupational health and safety, digital transformation (dx)
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Sanchez-Segura M-I, Dugarte-Peña G-L, Medina-Dominguez F, Amescua Seco A and Menchen Viso R (2023) Digital transformation in organizational health and safety to mitigate Burnout Syndrome. Front. Public Health 11:1080620. doi: 10.3389/fpubh.2023.1080620