MIMO antenna system for modern 5G handheld devices with healthcare and high rate delivery

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In this work, a new prototype of the eight-element MIMO antenna system for 5G communications, internet of things, and networks has been proposed. This system is based on an H-shaped monopole antenna system that offers 200 MHz bandwidth ranges between 3.4–3.6 GHz, and the isolation between any two elements is well below −12 dB without using any decoupling structure. The proposed system is designed on a commercially available 0.8 mm-thick FR4 substrate. One side of the chassis is used to place the radiating elements, while the copper from the other side is being removed to avoid short-circuiting with other components and devices. This also enables space for other systems, sub-systems, and components. A prototype is fabricated and excellent agreement is observed between the experimental and the computed results. It was found that ECC is 0.2 for any two radiating elements which is consistent with the desirable standards, and channel capacity is 38 bps/Hz which is 2.9 times higher than 4 × 4 MIMO configuration. In addition, single hand mode and dual hand mode analysis are conducted to understand the operation of the system under such operations and to identify losses and/or changes in the key performance parameters. Based on the results, the proposed antenna system will find its applications in modern 5G handheld devices and internet of things with healthcare and high rate delivery. Besides that, its design simplicity will make it applicable for mass production to be used in industrial demands.
This article belongs to the Special Issue Sensors and IoT in Modern Healthcare Delivery and Applications.
MIMO antenna systems, 5G, High gain, Internet of things (IOT), Wide bandwidth, Healthcare, High isolation, High rate delivery
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Kiani, S. H., Altaf, A., Anjum, M. R., Afridi, S., Arain, Z. A., Anwar, S., Khan, S., Alibakhshikenari, M., Lalbakhsh, A., Khan, M. A., Abd-Alhameed, R. A. & Limiti, E. (2021). MIMO Antenna System for Modern 5G Handheld Devices with Healthcare and High Rate Delivery. Sensors, 21(21), 7415.