A Schedulability Analysis Framework for Real-time Infrastructure Systems Managing Heterogeneous Resources

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Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
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Electricity generating systems, such as smart grid systems, and water management systems are infrastructure systems that manage resources critical to human life. In the systems, resources are produced and managed to supply them to various consumers, such as building, car, factory, and household, according to their needs and priorities. Reliable supply of resources depends not only on sufficient production of resources but also on reliable sharing of resource supply facilities. This paper presents a schedulability analysis framework. A prominent characteristic of the framework is that it considers at once the two types of resources, i.e. consumable resources, such as electricity, energy, and water, and sharable resources, such as pipelines, storages, and processors, are considered. To apply a formal approach to schedulability analysis of infrastructure system, this paper classifies the types of resources and real-time jobs for infrastructure systems. Then based on the classification , it presents an architectural model and a schedulability analysis framework.
REACTION 2012. 1st International workshop on Real-time and distributed computing in emerging applications. December 4th, 2012, San Juan, Puerto Rico.
Scheduling, Real-time, Resource management, Resource, Heterogeneous resources, Schedulability analysis, Timing analysis, Formal methods
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REACTION 2012, co-located with IEEE RTSS. San Juan, Puerto Rico. December 4th, 2012. Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, 2012, pp. 3-8