Design and fabrication of a printed tri-band antenna for 5G applications operating across Ka-, and V-band spectrums

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In this paper, an umbrella-shaped patch antenna for future millimeter-wave applications for the 5G frequency band is presented. The proposed antenna resonates at multiple frequency bands, i.e., 28 GHz, 38 GHz, and 55 GHz (V-band) that have been globally allocated for 5G communications systems. The proposed antenna is designed using Rogers RT/duroid 5870, with a relative permittivity, loss tangent and thickness of 2.33 mm, 0.0012 mm and 0.79 mm, respectively. The antenna has an overall size of 8 mm × 8 mm which correspond to 0.7 λ × 0.7 λ, where λ is free space wavelength at the lowest resonance. Moreover, the wide bandwidth, high gain and tri band operational mode is achieved by introducing two stubs to the initial design. The antenna prototype was fabricated and validated experimentally. The comparison of the simulated and measured results demonstrates a good correlation. Additionally, the comparative analysis with state of the art work demonstrates that the proposed antenna offers compact size, simple geometrical configuration, wide bandwidth, high gain, and radiation efficiency which makes the proposed antenna a potential candidate for compact smart 5G devices.
This article belongs to the Special Issue Prospective Multiple Antenna Technologies for 5G and Beyond.
Tri-band antenna, Millimeter-wave, 5G, V-band
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Hussain, M., Jarchavi, S. M. R., Naqvi, S. I., Gulzar, U., Khan, S., Alibakhshikenari, M. & Huynen, I. (2021). Design and Fabrication of a Printed Tri-Band Antenna for 5G Applications Operating across Ka-, and V-Band Spectrums. Electronics, 10(21), 2674.