A Biographical Dictionary of Spanish Elite College Students

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We are presenting a project in progress of a biographical dictionary of students who were members of the so called 'colegios mayores', seven elite secular university colleges founded between the 14th and the 16th centuries, and that became a major feature in the university life of Salamanca, Valladolid and Alcalá. However more significant still was the fact that a large part of those college fellows, after leaving their foundations, took over positions of relevance in the bureaucracies of the State, the Church and the Inquisition. We do not aim at producing complete biographies but to offer on-line in an orderly way the data that we have been collecting of the different individuals, even if they are scarce. We do not include those fellows who died in college or who did not have a career after leaving their institutions. On that base, and as the project has been conceived as an open and collaborative one, we invite scholars to propose to us additions and/or corrections, duly sustained, to complete and perfect those biographies as much as possible. As we shall show in the presentation, each biography includes personal data of the individual, i.e. education, career, works (when relevant) and archival and bibliographical sources. The e-facility allows for several search combinations within the dictionary. The years comprising the biographies are 1560 to 1650 but they can be extended before and after those dates at a later stage. We also propose to present the database originally constructed to deal with the data compiled for 1,500 college students and that is at the base of the Biographical Dictionary.
Ponencia presentada en el 8th Héloise Atelier: Universities funding and management, celebrado en Lisboa del 22 al 24 de octubre de 2018
Colegiales, Colegios Mayores, Humanidades digitales, Geolocalización
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