Efectos de una alta penetración de energías renovables en el sistema eléctrico

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The increased share of renewable energies has changed both power system functioning and conventional plants operation. With regard to the latter, power plants using fuel have change their operation mode to accommodate to the variability and partial predictability of renewable energy sources. This fact increases the operation costs of the conventional plants. Besides, market prices behaviour will experience changes, such as the decrease of average prices and the increase of their variability. The positive e ects of an increased renewable installed capacity are also assessed. Furthermore, in countries with abundant solar resource, studying the e ects of a higher share of renewable energy sources on the generation mix is necessary, including a high portion of photovoltaic and solar thermal energy in the generation portfolio. Therefore, a model of the concentrated solar power generators has been developed in this work. The results of the thermoelectric model supplies the annual production of this technology, which has been integrated in the generation schedule model. To analyse the impact of the future con guration of the generation mix on the power system, a model of unit commitment has been employed. It includes the characteristics and installed capacity of the generators using fuel and the estimation of the future production series of renewable energies. The results discussion contains an analysis of some relevant characteristics of the future power system behaviour, such as, daily market prices, yearly production by technology, capacity factors of the different technologies, wind spilled energy, ratio of demand coverage coming from renewable sources, hourly variation of the energy supplied by hydro, coal, and natural gas power plants, greenhouse emissions and operation costs.
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