Microstructural characterization of Y₂O₃ ODS-Fe-Cr model alloys

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Two Fe-12 wt% Cr alloys, one containing 0.4 wt% Y₂O₃ and the other Y₂O₃ free, have been produced by mechanical alloying followed by hot isostatic pressing. These oxide dispersion strengthened and reference alloys were characterized both in the as-HIPed state and after tempering by transmission electron microscopy and atom-probe tomography. The as-HIPed alloys exhibited the characteristic microstructure of lath martensite and contained a high density of dislocations. Small voids with sizes <10 nm were also observed. Both alloys also contained M₃C and M₂₃C₆ carbides (M = Cr, Fe) probably as a result of C ingress during milling. After tempering at 1023 K for 4 h the microstructures had partially recovered. In the recovered regions, martensite laths were replaced by equiaxed grains in which M₂₃C₆ carbides decorated the grain boundaries. In the ODS alloy nanoparticles containing Y were commonly observed within grains, although they were also present at grain boundaries and adjacent to large carbides.
Proceedings of the: Thirteenth International Conference on Fusion Reactor Materials. Nice (France), 10-14/12/2007.
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Journal of Nuclear Materials 386–388 (2009) pp.449–452