Incremental Latency Analysis of Heterogeneous Cyber-Physical Systems

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ISBN: 978-84-697-1736-3
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Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
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Cyber-Physical Systems, as used in automotive, avionics, or aerospace domains, have critical real-time require-ments. Time-related issues might have important impacts and, as these systems are becoming extremely software-reliant, validate and enforcing timing constraints is becoming difficult. Current techniques are mainly focused on validating these constraints late by using integration tests and tracing the system execution. Such methods are time-consuming and labor-intensive and, discovering timing issue late in the development process might incur significant rework efforts. In this paper, we propose an incremental model-based ap-proach to analyze and validate timing requirements of cyber-physical systems. We first capture the system functions, its related latency requirements and validate the end-to-end latency at a high level. This functional architecture is then refined into an implementation deployed on an execution platform. As system description is evolving, the latency analysis is being refined with more precise values. Such an approach provide latency analysis from a high level specification without having to implement the system, saving potential re-engineering efforts. It also helps engineers to select appropriate execution platform components or change the deployment strategy of system functions to ensure that latency requirements will be met when implementing the system.
REACTION 2014. 3rd International Workshop on Real-time and Distributed Computing in Emerging Applications. Rome, Italy. December 2nd, 2014.
Sistemas en tiempo real, Sistemas distribuidos, cloud computing, distributed systems, Real-time computing
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García Valls, M. et al. (eds.) (2014). 3rd IEEE International Workshop on Real-time and distributed computing in emerging applications. (Co-located with 35th IEEE RTSS). Rome, Italy. December 2nd, 2014. Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, 21-27.