Statistical and graphical tool for network cost analysis and support for CAPEX allocation

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In the telecommunications field, there is a selection of relevant information referred as key performance indicators due to the fact that they provide the chance to visualize the network communications performance. This data’s disadvantage is that they can be confined in massive data sets in which it is complex to elucidate at a glance the performance of the different parts of a communications system. This project performs an analysis and a graphic representation of these relevant performance indicators, which allows studying the mobile and fixed networks of a telecommunications company. In specific, the implementation of this tool is displayed by using all traffic data and network costs from different operations and countries of Telefónica footprint. This implementation gives the opportunity to check that the data analysis is done in an accurate way. In order to obtain these graphic illustrations of network costs and traffic carried over all networks, both historical and predictions, diverse methodologies are applied to key performance indicators in order to acquire its calculus and estimation. Afterwards, based on the information obtained with these procedures, we can give support in order to make decisions of investment allocations in the company’s networks. Finally, this tool has been performed with R programming language as well as for the calculation of the different data as to the development of the web application to represent this data in a graphic way with the Shiny package. Telefónica’s data has been modified in order to assure its confidentiality.
Este trabajo consiste en el desarrollo de una herramienta en el lenguaje R para realizar un análisis estadístico y una representación gráfica de los costes de red históricos en los que se ha incurrido, así como del tráfico cursado en estas redes, tanto en fijas como en móviles. Además, la herramienta permitirá dar soporte a la decisión de asignación de inversiones mediante la proyección de los tráficos futuros de cada red en función de diversos parámetros de entrada. Todo ello se podrá ver reflejado gráficamente mediante una aplicación web generada en R. Para el desarrollo de la herramienta, se van a utilizar datos de costes y tráficos de red de las distintas operaciones/países del grupo Telefónica.
Key Performance Indicator (KPI), Data analysis, Traffic, Indicador clave de rendimiento, Análisis de datos, Tráfico cursado, R Language, R (Lenguaje de programación)
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