Hybrid Optimal Control Approach to Commercial Aircraft 3D Multiphase Trayectory Optimization

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American Institute Of Aeronautics And Astronautics, Inc.
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Given the sequence of phases and flights modes conforming the flight profile os a comercial aircraft, the initial and final states, a set of path constraints and real wind forecast data, we solve the multiphase problem of finding optimal control inputs, switching times between flight modes and the corresponding trajectory of the aircraft that minimizes fuel consumption. The aircraft in flight is modelled as a hybriddynamical system, i.e., a system that has contibuos and discrete dynamics, where the distinct discrete dynamics corresponds to different fight phases and swwitches betwrrn them occur either in response to control law or when the state of the system reaches prescribed regions of the state space. The three dimensional motion of the aircraft over a spherical earth is described by a point variable-mass dynamic model. The hybrid optimal control problem is converted into a conventional optimal control problem by a parameterization of the switching instants and solved using a collocation method. This approach provides an overall optimal solution for a complete fight including the optimal switching instants between phases. An application to a realistic 13-phase A-340-300 fight is solved and discussed.
Proceedings of: AIAA Guidance, Navigation, and Control Conference. 2-5 August 2010, Toronto, Canada.
Optimal Control, Hybrid Systems, Aircraft Operations
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AIAA Guidance, Navigation, and Control Conference. 2-5 August 2010, Toronto, Ontario, Canada (2010). AIAA Meeting Papers.