5G Mobile Transport and Computing Platform for verticals

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The support of 5G verticals service requires todesign an efficient Mobile Transport and Computing Platformwhere transport, mobile and MEC must interact effectively. Inthis paper, a novel architecture is proposed providing itsmapping on ETSI NFV. Two relevant use cases, such asautomotive and cloud robotics are presented to assess the novelarchitecture.
MTP, Abstraction, Verticals, NFV, 5G
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Iovanna, P., Pepe, T., Guerrero, C., Moscatelli, F., Ksentini, A., Chiasserini, C.F., Casetti, C, Mangues- Bafalluy, J., Valcarenghi, L., Martini, B., Zennaro, G., Li, X. (2018). 5G Mobile Transport and Computing Platform for verticals. Paper submitted in 2018 IEEE Wireless Communications and Networking Conference Workshops (WCNCW) (pp. 266-271). Barcelona: IEEE