All-optical aggregation and distribution of traffic in large metropolitan area networks using multi-Tb/s S-BVTs

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Current metropolitan area network architectures are based on a number of hierarchical levels that aggregate traffic toward the core at the IP layer. In this setting, routers are interconnected by means of fixed transceivers operating on a point-to-point basis where the rates of transceivers need to match. This implies a great deal of intermediate transceivers to collect traffic and groom and send it to the core. This paper proposes an alternative scheme based on sliceable bandwidth/bitrate variable transceivers (S-BVTs) where the slice-ability property is exploited to perform the aggregation of traffic from multiple edges 𝑛�� -to-1 rather than 1-to-1. This approach can feature relevant cost reductions through IP offloading at intermediate transit nodes but requires viable optical signal-to-noise ratio (OSNR) margins for all-optical transmission through the network. In this work, we prove through simulation the viability and applicability of this technique in large metro networks with a vertical-cavity-surface-emitting laser-based S-BVT design to target net capacities per channel of 25, 40, and 50 Gb/s. The study reveals that this technology can support most of the paths required for IP offloading after simulation in a semi-synthetic topology modeling a 20-million-inhabitant metropolitan area. Moreover, OSNR margins enable the use of protection paths (secondary disjoint paths) between the target node and the core much longer than primary paths in terms of both the number of intermediate hops and kilometers.
Laser sources, Optical amplification, Optical networks, Optical signals, Phase recovery, Signal processing
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Rapisarda, M., Hernández, J. A., Gatto, A., Parolari, P., Boffi, P., Svaluto Moreolo, M., Fábrega, J. M., Nadal, L., Martínez, R., López, V., Fernández-Palacios, J. P., Otero, G. & Larrabeiti, D. (2022). All-optical aggregation and distribution of traffic in large metropolitan area networks using multi-Tb/s S-BVTs. Journal of Optical Communications and Networking, 14(5), 316-326.