Antennas parameterization for the detection of partial discharges

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Partial discharge (PD) detection is a widely extended technique for electrical insulation diagnosis. Ultrahigh-frequency detection techniques appear as a feasible alternative to traditional methods owing to their inherent advantages such as the capability to detect PDs online and to locate the piece of equipment with insulation problems in substations and cables. In this paper, four antennas are thoroughly studied by means of their theoretical and experimental behavior when measuring electromagnetic pulses radiated by PD activity. The theoretic study of the band of frequencies in which the pulse emits and the measurement of the parameters S11 are complemented with the frequency response and wavelet transform of a set of 500 time signals acquired by the antennas, and the results are analyzed in detail.
Antenna measurements, Dielectric measurements, partial discharges (PDs), UHF measurements, ultrahigh-frequency, (UHF) antennas, wavelets
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IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement 62 (2013) 5-May, pp. 932-941