Ultraviolet laser pulses with multigigahertz repetition rate and multiwatt average power for fast trapped-ion entanglement operations

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The conventional approach to perform two-qubit gate operations in trapped ions relies on exciting the ions on motional sidebands with laser light, which is an inherently slow process. One way to implement a fast entangling gate protocol requires a suitable pulsed laser to increase the gate speed by orders of magnitude. However, the realization of such a fast entangling gate operation presents a big technical challenge, as such the required laser source is not available off-the-shelf. For this, we have engineered an ultrafast entangling gate source based on a frequency comb. The source generates bursts of several hundred mode-locked pulses with pulse energy ∼800 pJ at 5 GHz repetition rate at 393.3 nm and complies with all requirements for implementing a fast two-qubit gate operation. Using a single, chirped ultraviolet pulse, we demonstrate a rapid adiabatic passage in a Ca+ ion. To verify the applicability and projected performance of the laser system for inducing entangling gates we run simulations based on our source parameters. The gate time can be faster than a trap period with an error approaching 10−4.
Bibliographic citation
Hussain, M. I., Heinrich, D., Guevara-Bertsch, M., Torrontegui, E., García-Ripoll, J. J., Roos, C. F. & Blatt, R. (2021). Ultraviolet Laser Pulses with Multigigahertz Repetition Rate and Multiwatt Average Power for Fast Trapped-Ion Entanglement Operations. Physical Review Applied, 15(2).