Evolving cloud-based system for the recognition of drivers' actions

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This paper presents an evolving cloud-based algorithm for the recognition of drivers' actions. The general idea is to detect different manoeuvres by processing the standard signals that are usually measured in a car, such as the speed, the revolutions, the angle of the steering wheel, the position of the pedals, and others, without additional intelligent sensors. The primary goal of this investigation is to propose a concept that can be used to recognise various driver actions. All experiments are performed on a realistic car simulator. The data acquired from the simulator are pre-processed and then used in the evolving cloud-based algorithm to detect the basic elementary actions, which are then combined in a prescribed sequence to create tasks. Finally, the sequences of different tasks form the most complex action, which is called a manoeuvre. As shown in this paper, the evolving cloud-based algorithm can be very efficiently used to recognise the complex driver's action from raw signals obtained by typical car sensors. (C) 2017 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.
evolving systems, beheviour recognition, expert system, cluster
Bibliographic citation
I. Škrjanc et al. (2018). Evolving cloud-based system for the recognition of drivers’ actions. Expert Systems With Applications, 99, pp. 231-238.