Wear Behavior of Copper-Graphite Composites Processed by Field-Assisted Hot Pressing

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Copper-graphite composites with 0-4 wt % graphite were fabricated by field-assisted hot pressing with the aim of studying the effect of graphite content on microhardness and tribological properties. Experimental results reveal that hardness decreases with the graphite content. Wear testing was carried out using a ball-on-disc tribometer with a normal load of 8 N at a constant sliding velocity of 0.16 m/s. The friction coefficient of composites decreases significantly from 0.92 to 0.29 with the increase in graphite content, resulting in a friction coefficient for the 4 wt % graphite composite that is 68.5% lower than pure copper. The wear rate first increases when the graphite content is 1 wt %; it then decreases as the graphite content is further increased until a certain critical threshold concentration of graphite, which seems to be around 3 wt %. Plastic deformation in conjunction with some oxidative wear is the wear mechanism observed in pure copper, while abrasive wear is the main wear mechanism in copper-graphite composites.
Wear, Copper-graphite composites, Graphite composites, Field-assisted hot pressing, Friction coefficient
Bibliographic citation
Liu, Q., Castillo-Rodríguez, M., López Galisteo, A. J., Guzmán de Villoria, R., & Torralba, J. M. (2019). Wear behavior of Copper–Graphite composites processed by Field-Assisted hot pressing. Journal of composites science, 3(1), 29.