Impact response of advance combat helmet pad systems

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Combat helmets are designed to protect against ballistic threats and fragments of explosive devices. There are numerous types of helmet comfort foams available. However, pad systems have not been evaluated in combat helmets to understand to what extent they mitigate head accelerations. In this work, different pad systems are studied to analyze the ballistic performance of combat helmets using a Hybrid III dummy equipped with longitudinal accelerometers at the head and a neck simulator. The tests are conducted with 9 mm Full Metal Jacket (FMJ) projectiles according to the performance requirements III-A of the NIJ 0106.01 standard. This experimental methodology allows the evaluation of brain and neck injuries. The thicker bicomponent polyurethane foams and the honeycomb configuration provided the best results in terms of mitigating brain damage due to accelerations applying different criteria (PLA, WSTC, HIC). However, it was concluded that there is no cervical injury or cranial fracture risk for any of the cases studied.
Hybrid III, Impact, Ballistic, TBI, Lower Neck Injury, FMJ
Bibliographic citation
Rodriguez-Millan, M., et al. "Impact response of advance combat helmet pad systems". International Journal of Impact Engineering 181 (2023) 104757 (14p.)