Ultrahigh-quality factor resonant dielectric metasurfaces based on hollow nanocuboids

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Optical Society of America (OSA)
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In this work, a dielectric metasurface consisting of hollow dielectric nanocuboids, with ultrahigh quality factor, is theoretically proposed and demonstrated. The variation of the hole size of the cuboid allows for the tuning of the resonant anapole mode in the nanoparticles. The metasurface is designed to operate in two complementary modes, namely electromagnetically induced transparency and narrowband selective reflection. Thanks to the non-radiative nature of the anapole resonances, the minimal absorption losses of the dielectric materials, and the near-field coupling among the metasurface nanoparticles, a very high quality factor of ūĚĎĄ=2.5√ó106 is achieved. The resonators are characterized by a simple bulk geometry and the subwavelength dimensions of the metasurface permit operation in the non-diffractive regime. The high quality factors and strong energy confinement of the proposed devices open new avenues of research on light-matter interactions, which may find direct applications, e.g., in non-linear devices, biological sensors, laser cavities, and optical communications.
Electromagnetically induced transparency, Photonic crystal nanocavity, Anapole modes, Band absorption, Analog, Enhancement, Excitations, Matter
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Algorri, J. F., Zografopoulos, D. C., Ferraro, A., García-Cámara, B., Beccherelli, R. & Sánchez-Pena, J. M. (2019). Ultrahigh-quality factor resonant dielectric metasurfaces based on hollow nanocuboids. Optics Express, 27(5), 6320.