Reducing Service Creation Time Leveraging on Network Function Virtualization

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El valor Fifth-generation (5G) networks are envisioned to simultaneously support several services with different connectivity requirements. In this respect, service creation time is a key performance indicator (KPI) for service providers when planning the migration to 5G. For example, the European 5G infrastructure public private partnership (5G-PPP) suggests to reduce this time from 90 hours to 90 minutes, in the different phases of the service creation time KPI identified by this organization. This reduction can be achieved by leveraging on 5G state-of-the-art technologies: network function virtualization, network slicing, software-defined networking, and cloud computing, among others. Although some authors and projects have already studied the service creation time KPI in 5G, there is no literature that comprehensively analyzes and presents results related to each phase of this KPI. In this article, we explore the potential of network function virtualization technologies to reduce service creation time. To this end, we investigate the various phases of the service creation time KPI by designing and implementing, a realistic as well as complex network service that leverages on network function virtualization and related technologies. For our use case, we chose a content delivery network service specifically designed to distribute video. This decision was based on an analysis where we considered several parameters, like the complexity in the phases of design, fulfillment, and service assurance. We dissected all phases of the service creation time KPI required to turn our service blueprint into a deployment by utilizing network function virtualization tools.Henceforth, we defined and conducted several experiments, which were oriented to analyzing the different phases of the service creation time KPI.
5G, MANO, Network slicing, NFV, Service creation time KPI
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Nakimuli, W., Garcia-Reinoso, J., Nogales, B., Vidal, I., Gomes, D. & Lopez, D. (2020). Reducing Service Creation Time Leveraging on Network Function Virtualization. IEEE Access, vol. 8, pp. 155679-155696.