Public and non-public network integration for 5Growth Industry 4.0 use cases

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5G is playing a paramount role in the digital transformation of the industrial sector, offering high-bandwidth, reliable, and low-latency wireless connectivity to meet the stringent and critical performance requirements of manufacturing processes. This work analyzes the applicability of 5G technologies as key enablers to support, enhance, and even enable novel advances in Industry 4.0. It proposes a complete 5G solution for two real-world Industry 4.0 use cases related to metrology and quality control. This solution uses 5Growth to ease and automate the management of vertical services over a soft-ware-defined network and network function virtualization based 5G mobile transport and computing infrastructure, and to aid the integration of the verticals' private 5G network with the public network. Finally, a validation campaign assesses the applicability of the proposed solution to support the performance requirements (especially latency and user data rate) of the selected use cases, and evaluates its efficiency regarding vertical service setup time across different domains in less than three minutes.
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Guimaraes, C., Li, X., Papagianni, C., Mangues-Bafalluy, J., Contreras, L. M., Garcia-Saavedra, A., Brenes, J., Cristobal, D. S., Alonso, J., Zabala, A., Kainulainen, J. P., Mourad, A., Lorenzo, M. & Bernardos, C. J. (2021). Public and Non-Public Network Integration for 5Growth Industry 4.0 Use Cases. IEEE Communications Magazine, 59(7), 108–114.