Towards a Smart Selection of Hybrid Platforms for Multimedia Processing

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ISBN: 978-84-608-6309-0
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Nowadays, images and videos have been present everywhere, they can come directly from camera, mobile devices or from other peoples that share their images and videos. The latter are used to illustrate different objects in a large number of situations. This makes from image and video processing algorithms a very important tool used for various domains related to computer vision such as video surveillance, medical imaging and database (images and videos) indexation methods. The performance of these algorithms have been so reduced due the the high intensive computation required when using new image and video standards. In this paper, we propose a new framework that allows users to select in a smart and efficient way the processing units (GPU or/and CPU) within heterogeneous systems, when treating different kinds of multimedia objects : single image, multiple images, multiple videos and video in real time. The framework disposes of different image and video primitive functions that are implemented on GPU, such as shape (silhouette) detection, motion tracking using optical flow estimation, edges and corners detection. We have exploited these functions for several situations such as indexing videos, segmenting vertebrae in in X-ray and MR images, detecting and localizing event in multi-user scenarios. Experimentation showed interesting accelerations ranging from 6 to 118, by comparison with sequential implementations. Moreover, the parallel and heterogeneous implementations offered lower power consumption as a result for the fast treatment.
Proceedings of the First PhD Symposium on Sustainable Ultrascale Computing Systems (NESUS PhD 2016) Timisoara, Romania. February 8-11, 2016.
GPU, Heterogeneous architectures, Image and video processing, Medical imaging, Motion tracking
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Carretero Pérez, Jesús; (eds.). (2016). Proceedings of the First PhD Symposium on Sustainable Ultrascale Computing Systems (NESUS PhD 2016). Timisoara, Romania. Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, ARCOS. Pp. 5-8.